Paintings in the style of Fairytale Realism by Tracy Levesque

In 2012, Tracy Levesque Fine Arts was born. After years of painting on my days off and squeezing in shows on weekends, I decided to quit working for someone else and become my own boss. I did the craziest of all things and I followed my dream, a dream I had all my life, a dream that haunted me constantly. I kissed normalcy goodbye and embraced the bohemian dream.

I set up my painting studio at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA and become a full time artist working in the Greater Boston Area. It's been the best decision I've ever made in my life and I have been thankful for every moment since. I am eternally grateful to my muses and my customers for supporting my dream and allowing me to continue making more artwork to inspire the world.

When you have something beautiful to share with the world, you were meant to share it. Life is dark and mysterious, but also very magical and wondrous like a fairytale and that is the world that I paint. Lucious color, three dimensional textures and fanatically detailed graphic line work define my style which I call "Fairytale Realism."  Please enjoy the view.

Wishing you Light, Life, and Love,