Paintings in the style of Fairytale Realism by Tracy Levesque

Tracy Levesque (aka “the birch lady”) is the one-woman-show behind every piece of art at Tracy Levesque Fine Art. Tracy attributes her inspiration to Mother Nature and a childhood of frolicking (isn't that a great word?) in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. She got her start with crayons and coloring books, climbing trees, finger-paints, drawing over used dot matrix printer paper her mother brought home from the supermarket, playing in leaf piles, painting marker murals on herself and the walls of her family’s home and by winning cash prizes and art awards in local art contests. Norman Rockwell was her hero. 

Tracy received a double Bachelor's Degree for English and American Literature and Theater Arts, dabbled in Graphic Design and Japanese Printmaking, had a long and lucrative career in sales, management and retail before finally realizing her one and only true love was painting. Yes, the rumors are true, what you love to do as a child is what you should do for a career when you grow up. 

Breaking into the art world in the early 2000’s as a figurative painter, Tracy showed her work in galleries up and down the East Coast before finally switching her focus to landscape and botanical painting. Although she continues to participate in gallery shows, she prefers to self represent as an independent artist and work directly with clients. That artist-client connection and relationship is everything to Tracy and aligns with her core belief that art is truly for everyone, should be affordable and available to all  people of all income levels, not just the really wealthy. Tracy's diverse selection of price points and sizes is a tribute to her working class upbringing and love for sharing beauty with all of humanity. 

Tracy paints anything and everything she fancies in her unique style which she dubs “fairytale realism.” Why call it that? Well, why not? Because her paintings look like the worlds inside fairytales, reminiscent of our own, but just a wee bit more mysterious and magical. Always possessed by an almost spiritual love of nature and a fiendish passion for telling a story with her work, Tracy’s paintings boldly annihilate the line between illustration and fine art. Exploding with color, texture and insane attention-to-detail, her work is truly singular and you will never see anything quite like it.

Tracy creates out of her studio located at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts. You can buy her work online at and if you’re lucky, maybe someday you will see her wandering in the woods like a cat creeping through the tall grass sneaking up on the moon.

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